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Memory of a Protest
SOA:Black and White Tales
SOA:Black and White Pain-tings # 2
SOA:Black and White Pain-tings # 1
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View of installation at Jersey City Museum, NJ, 2006 (rollover image)

SOA: Black and White Pain-tings # 2, 2006 is composed of vinyl mural prints, an audio piece inside a vitrine and a take-away newsprint publication.

This work was was originally presented at the Jersey City Museum for the exhibition "Surveillance" curated by Rocio Aranda-Alvarado and funded in part by Jill Bernstein, Estrellita Brodsky, Kevin Bruk Gallery, William M. Hunt, and the Agnes Gund Foundation.

"SOA: Black and White Pain-ting # 11," 120 x 120", vinyl print on wall
"SOA: Black and White Pain-ting # 8," 45x 76", vinyl print on wall
Brief History of US Interventions in Latin America since 1946, 2006 is a newsprint publication that presents a chronology of US interventions in the region. This piece is intended to be taken by the audience free of charge.
Click HERE to download PDF version (92KB) of "Brief History of US Interventions in Latin America since 1946". This work has been printed 3 times in editions of 1000 and freely distributed.

SOA: Speeches, 2006 is a one-hour track composed of five reenacted speeches delivered in 2000 at the School of the Americas. It begins with the speech delivered by the school's director in December at the institution's closing ceremony and it is followed by other official public addresses that preceded it. All share a celebratory rhetoric of the school's mission in Latin America as aiding to disseminate democracy and freedom and all of them negate any accusation of human rights violations attributed to the school's graduates.

The speeches have been slightly modified by changing all pronouns from first to third person and viceversa, thus confusing the addressees disclaiming statements. This audio track has been further manipulated formally: the audio frequencies vary drastically throughout the sequence form lowest to highest, creating a disconcerting abstraction/figuration dialectic in the deliverer's diction.
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"SOA: Black and White Speeches," 2006, CD, CD Player, Vitrine, rt: 60 min, speaker for amplified sound