Artist Statement
Cuts with blade on paper over window, 2008

I work primarily with video, installation and photography and use strategies from documentary film, journalism and sociology to engage with specific political events in an attempt to observe their effects and suggest alternative ways to write and read those histories.

For example, my most recent project, "The Immigrant Files: Democracy is Not Dead, it Just Smells Funny," (2009) is a two part project composed of a video installation and a book that critically investigate the changes in the Swedish welfare system based on video interviews with 8 Latin American immigrants residing in Sweden, who through their work actively fight discrimination and xenophobia based on ethnicity, race, religious beliefs gender and/or sexual orientation within contemporary Swedish society.

Similarly, “The Good Life,” (www.la-buena-vida.info) (2008) digs into the long lasting socio/political effects of the cold war in contemporary Latin America, making emphasis on the public perception of the influence of the U.S. and its aggressive foreign policy. Based on street-interviews recorded on video, “The Good Life” presents a large online archive of public opinion that reflects on contrasting ideologies, economic disparities, political corruption, social inequality, etc.

Finally, “The Leningrad Trilogy,” (2007) also uses street interviews to investigate the current public perception of Soviet monuments and architecture in contemporary Saint Petersburg, Russia. This installation also looks at past photographic representations of the city, tainted with ideological motivations, to observe how objects may reflect historical changes.

Ultimately I intend my work to observe and comment on the role of the individual in society and it’s positioning in regard to the state, politics and the media.