Pesca Milagrosa
CARLOS MOTTA, 2002-2004

Pesca Milagrosa is the name given by Colombian guerrillas to suddenly erected roadblocks on national motorways. There they choose which of the people stopped will be kidnapped with aid of a computer system that researches the victim’s financial capabilities.

Pesca Milagrosa, 2002-2004 takes this inhumane roulette game as a point of departure. The source photographs for this installation represent faces of the victims of forced disappearances in The Americas. These photographs were digitally appropriated and manipulated to abstraction.

“Los Desaparecidos”, (the disappeared) have been collectively transformed into a political construct, which has deformed the representation of these individuals. “Pesca” means “Fishing” and “Milagrosa” means “Miraculous”.

Plan of installation, 495 digital c-prints, 8 x 10" each
Installation at Artists Space, 495 digital c-prints, 8 x 10" each
Detail of installation at Artists Space, 495 digital c-prints, 8 x 10" each
Detail of installation at Artists Space, 495 digital c-prints, 8 x 10" each
Selected photographs
Exhibition History

* Istituto Italo LatinoAmericano, Rome, Italy, part of “La Fotografia Contemporanea LatinoAmericana da New York a Santiago de Chile”, curated by Antonio Arevalo, May 2001

* Fries Museum, Groningen, The Neatherlands, part of Noorderlicht PhotoFestival, curated by Wim Melis, August 2002

* La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy, Solo Exhibition: “Pesca Milagrosa”, October 2002

* Hunter College Times Square Gallery, New York, USA, part of College Art Association Show, (Bard College), January 2003

* Area-Contenitore d’Arte Contemporanea, Palermo, Italy, part of “No Money No Honey”, curated by Antonio Arevalo, February, 2003

* Universidad de Salamanca, Bogotá, Colombia, part of Fotología, curated by Clemencia Poveda, August 2003

* Artists Space, New York, USA, part of Establishing Shot, curated by Christian Rattemeyer, March 200

* Bienale Adriatica de Arte Nouvi, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, August 2004, curated by Antonio Arevalo

* Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami, USA, Solo Exhibition: “The Missing Series,” June-September 2004

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